Waxing Poetic

Kicking Down the Front Door

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first official post of Read and React Sports!

Before we get into the little details (some of which you can find in the About section), let me just say this. I am absolutely dedicated to providing interesting, focused, and in depth content to suit whatever needs our audience demands.

All too often I feel as though most sports websites begin as such, delivering content in a unique way to reach as many fans as possible. However, a lot of the time they end up all doing the same three things: they either gravitate more toward the major markets, they become caricatures of themselves and offer off the cusp entertainment that deviates from sports, or they fold.

Now, it is only day one of our little blog adventure, but I have absolutely no intention of doing any of those things. My ultimate goal is to provide content to any and all interested parties in the hopes that everyone feels they have a voice.

Most of this content will be opinion driven, but fact based. I’ll be the first person on Earth to admit that I don’t have any connections in the sporting world. I don’t know anyone in any front offices, Hell, i barely know anyone who plays for a team. But I am not afraid to utilize the two greatest assets that I possess, a willingness to research even the smallest detail and what I consider an abundance of common sense.

While sports will be our main avenue of writing, I do want to note that I will pretty frequently get on here just to write: the topics of this could range to a thought that randomly pops in my head to a movie I have just seen or a video game I have just played (can’t let the world think you’re a one trick pony).

Finally, and most importantly, I can’t stress how important to me my followers are. If you have an idea you want to read about, an opinion you want to express, or even, down the road once this whole thing becomes more sustainable, an article you may want to write, I am absolutely open to the suggestions.

I guess at this point there are just two things left to say.

  1. For the people reading this day one, welcome aboard, and for the people who join the game late, there is always room on this bandwagon.
  2. The takeover starts today… we’re kicking down the front door and we have no intention of leaving.



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