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The Thinking Man’s Guide to June 28, 2017

Trending Twitter Topics for You

Before we delve into the Trending Twitter topics of the day for Wednesday, June 28th, one big clarification I want to make: All of the information provided below is based on the fact that I will not click on the actual headlines to see what people are saying about the topic.

These are based on my personal ideas of what these topics are about. In some cases (such as the Clippers/Chris Paul) I will obviously already know the big news based on my ability to be literate/read. In other cases, I will use my Holmesian logical abilities to deduce what the conversation is about.

Now that we have that clarified, here are you trending topics for today.

  1. Clippers

The big news in the sporting world today is that the final nail in the Clippers relevancy coffin. It seems like just yesterday that the Clips got Chris Paul in the most crooked NBA deal in NBA history (sorry Lakers fans) and were seen as the next great power in the West. Unfortunately, things were never able to align and the Clippers never saw a conference finals. At least the Clippers got 8 players in return I guess. #RIPLobCity

  1. Chris Paul

The reason why Lob City is no more, Chris Paul is on the move to the Houston Rockets. On the surface, a Chris Paul/ James Harden pairing doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me. For one, both players absolutely need to have the ball in their hands to make the impact that justifies their value. Plus, James Harden did an admirable job running the point. While Paul does provide better defense than Harden, does it really matter in a system that is designed to run up and down the court. I’m sure they will be entertaining, but without another move in the future to bring in a scoring wing (Paul George?), I just don’t see how this makes the Rockets leaps and bounds better.

  1. #WNBALive

Hell yea the WNBA is Live!!! This is your daily reminder that there is a WNBA and they are hashtag the livest. June/July gets rough when you realize that the only sports you have in your life are the MLB and women’s basketball… and this is coming from a big baseball fan.

  1. DeAndre Jordan

I don’t think poor DeAndre Jordan is getting thought of enough in the dismantling of the Clippers. This was a man who just two short years ago had a deal in place to leave the Clippers and play for the Mavs, where he would have been the featured player paired up with Chandler Parsons and Dirk Nowitski. Thanks to an overnight pow-wow, the Clippers were able to get him to agree to stay in LA and be a part of Lob City. At least he’s getting paid I guess. While the Mavs are nothing to write home about, I don’t think grabbing lobs from the Nepotism player of the year in Austin Rivers and Patrick Beverly is really as great as it sounds.

  1. #BikeToWorkDay

Living in a city where you could literally walk to everything in 10 minutes, I understand the appeal of biking to work. Just want to point out that Bike to Work day may be the best day to actually drive your car to work because of a lack of traffic (enjoy your 10 minute commute unless every idiot with a Huffy is using the roads to bike) and the lack of logistical nightmare from bikes chained to everything (you’ll never park closer to work). Just bike to work tomorrow, although you’ll lose the ability to tell the world how eco-friendly you are via hashtag.

  1. #AmazonWashingtonPost

Ah dear President Trump, you never fail to provide content. This time, he is doing something positive by bringing awareness to the great film Wonder Woman by musing of what life would have been like on the islands if they had a newspaper as great as the Washington Post. Would Diana have been so quick to leave if she had known of the evils of men? Would the Amazons have been aware of the ongoing war outside their island and therefore been more forward about defending themselves? What about the coupons? We can only wonder.

  1. Miguel Montero

I hate the Cubs. I like honesty. However, Miguel Montero has finally somehow crossed the line with the Cubs, this time criticizing the pitchers for not giving him the ability to throw out runners stealing bases. Personally, I think this move should have happened about 5 months ago where in the midst of a celebration ending a 108 year drought (still upset about it), he bitched about his lack of playing time instead of reveling in something that seemed impossible less than a decade ago. Look at the bright side, at least he won’t get blamed when the Cubs lose in the Wild Card game to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Trending Topic Hashtag of the Day: #WednesdayWisdom

Ah yes, the wonderful hashtag of the day. This one comes courtesy of the always wise Michael Scott in Scranton, Pennsylvania. “Fool me once, strike one. But fool me twice… Strike three”.


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